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Beer on DVD  no36


As a Brit you will laugh a lot but not necessarily where the film makers intended. This film tells of a bunch of American guys including brothers Jan (played by Paul Soter who's the spitting image of our Chris O'Dowd) and Todd Wolfhouse, grandsons of the true founder (deathbed cameo from Donald Sutherland who rips out his own life-support!), who seek to avenge his honour and reclaim ownership of the Von Wolfhausen Brewery in Munich that once brewed the world's greatest beer (a recipe they unknowingly possess). Repeatedly as the plot unfolds you'll be saying "No it couldn't possibly go that way, surely not..." but it does! As the Dick Van Dyke type English competitors at Beerfest, where the previous year the brothers were humiliated as they attempted to bring their grandfather's ashes to their rightful resting place, in its secret (think Cabaret meets the Third Man) beer olympiad location say: "Oktoberfest is for tossers and sheepshaggers". Suspend disbelief nand any semblance of good taste, pretend you're 23 or under and you'll probably enjoy it. Bavaria in the film is actually New Mexico which is hardly surprising on the budget that the film appears to have been made on. Das Boot ( the boot in German is actually der Stiefel by the way) in this film has nothing to do with the classic submarine film, although the rival German side of the family do use a submarine to get to the USA to check out their American cousins a month before the contest. It can be had from Amazon or play.com from 3.69 post paid, which it's probably worth.

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