Holden's Brewery, Woodsetton, near Dudley,

visit by Wakefield CAMRA, 22nd January 2005 

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The Holden's logo

What began as a backyard brewery in the local tradition, just grew and grew, dwarfing the pub, now supplying 21 tied pubs and 60 other outlets


plaques on Holden's offices

L.Blanche Holden: licence to brew & sell by retail, ale, beer, porter, cider & tobacco, to be consumed on or off the premises


The Holden businesses: Holden's Brewery Ltd, Edwin Holden's Bottling Co.Ltd, Beacon Table Water Co.Ltd, Stanley Marlow & Son Ltd


Holden's brew 4 times a week in the quiet period after Christmas

Holden's registered offices & bottling plant. On weekdays this is also the brewery shop for bottled beers and merchandise

Most of Holden's malt comes from Tuckers of Devon but speciality malts such as this black malt are supplied by Fawcetts of Castleford


Torrefied wheat for head retention, from Micronised Food Products of Northallerton, North Yorkshire; Ragus brewing sugar is also used.


the brewing process continues................

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