Holden's Brewery - the process continues

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grist mill for crushing and cracking the malt grains whist not reducing them to a clogging powder

At Holden's the grist empties straight from the grist case into the mash tun. Note the sparging arm which will wash the remaining extractable sugars etc from the grains as the wort is drained off.

the copper for boiling the wort stands 2 floors high., and really is copper not stainless, looking more like something from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

A spout with a mushroom head works like an old fashioned coffee percolator circulating the boiling liquid from the bottom of the copper to the top

Hop-back (left) and Paraflo, the heat exchanger which cools the wort to a temperature at which the yeast in the fermentation vessels can work.

The newly clad fermentation room, the finishing of which delayed our branch visit: fermenters in a variety of sizes and shapes hold up to 2300 gallons. When new dial thermometers were ordered, special ones calibrated in Fahrenheit were specified because Cliff only did Fahrenheit! 

evidence of the virility of Holden' unique yeast

not soft herring roes but the amazing pattern on a Holden's fermentation

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Holden's - the story concludes.......