Mark Goodair

Mark, our Branch Secretary used to be Chairman of the local branch, and can read financial newspapers with long words and not many pictures, although he can't spell for toffee. Accordingly he's the one who keeps abreast of all the takeovers and mergers that seem to be coming at a rate of knots in the British (if it can still be called that) drinks industry. He has also taken on the post of Festival Treasurer. Locally, Mark is the Brewery Liaison Officer for Tigertops Brewery. He's a keen Internet user, keeping a particular eye on Belgian web-sites, (check our Links page) and is also one of the principal organisers of our annual trip to Belgium. Assisted by the rest of the Committee he is now overall Events Secretary.

When he's had a few, he is liable to drop off to sleep- that big black hairy thing is a big black hairy thing.


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