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Hamelsworde Brewery (name derived from Medieval form of Hemsworth, pronounced Hamel like camel, then sword)

located in the garage of a house at 16 Longworth Road in the Southmoor district of Hemsworth WF9 4SZ tel 07530 669332 e-mail hamelsworde@live.co.uk  website also on Twitter and Facebook

CAMRAA's BLO (Brewery Liaison Officer) for Hamelsworde is David Jones (no relation)


This young brewery is the brainchild of enthusiastic home brewer Dan Jones who has been a keen home brewer for 15 years, progressing from kits, to partial mash and eventually on to whole grain brewing. The current range of beers are made in a converted garage using a 50 litre boiler but a new one barrel brewery has been ordered and should be installed April 2013. Dan offers some excellent tasting notes. The first chance to try his beers on draught and in bottle was in the Launch Event at the Bier Huis in Ossett on Friday 1 March 2013. You can see Dan plus his wife and his dad, as well as the beers being dispensed and sampled. If in your garage or loft you have any of those German tinnies that Dan has recycled, he could do with a few more - contact him (details above). Click here for Hamelsworde Brewery's Scrapbook of Photos

Fantastic news: Colin Brown was selected by the judges as Top Strong Bitter at the 2013 Doncaster Beer Festival. Click this link to see Colin Brown being brewed.

Scalded Shoulder Witbier 5.2%

A golden wheat beer, single hopped with Saaz hops from the Czech Republic and finished with coriander and orange. A refreshing ale which is great served with a slice of orange and served cool. A common misconception is that the name of this beer relates to sunburn on a hot summer day but in fact the first batch of this ale spilled on the brewer and scalded his shoulder. The last 8 pints that remained were worth the pain.

Colin Brown Ale 5.2% a homage to a true hero, Dan's grandfather, a former fireman who died a few years ago, a traditional English ale with a deep amber red colour. A fruity hop aroma leads on to a malty, nutty bittersweet flavour with a long dry aftertaste
Cherokee 6.0%

A copper coloured IPA with strong fruity hop aroma, full flavoured and heavily hopped with American Cascade and English Fuggles hops in the traditional way. IPA is an Indian Pale Ale which was ale transported to India in the days of the British Empire. It was brewed stronger and with extra hops to endure the voyage at sea. This version makes use of American Cascade hops to add a modern twist.

Spanish Stout 4.2% A dark stout with strong roasted flavour which is complimented by the sweet taste of liquorice and aniseed. Pontefract was the first place where liquorice was mixed with sugar to form a sweet. In Yorkshire and Lancashire, liquorice is colloquially known as Spanish, supposedly because Spanish monks grew liquorice root at Rievaulx Abbey near Thirsk.
Haley's Comet 4.5%

A fresh summery ale which is light and easily quaffed, Amarillo, Cascade and Fuggles hops give this beer a citrus aroma and taste. Named for a colleague Neil Haley, whose daughter has been diagnosed with a rare illness, 10p in every pint will be donated to assist with treatment. 

Jumping Pirate 4.9%

A light golden ale in a Bavarian style, brewed with German Hallertauer and Tettnanger hops. It has floral, piney and citrus notes which makes this a complex beer which is smooth on the finish. Named by the brewer's son because "hops make you jump" and he likes pirates.

Pacific Blonde   at planning stage
Vanilla Porter   at planning stage
Christmas Beer   at planning stage