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Kirkstall Brewery Company

6 Canal Wharf, Wyther Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3BT  tel: 0113 3458335 www.kirkstallbrewerycompany.com

visited by Wakefield CAMRA, Saturday 13th August 2011

The new Kirkstall Brewery was founded 2011 by Steve Holt (right) who had begun beer distributors Vertical Drinks in 2003, importers of, among other premium brews, Sierra Nevada beers from California.
Head Brewer is Dave Sanders (left) who originally set up West Yorkshire Brewery in Luddendenfoot before moving on to Elland where Tim Drake, who had been the man behind White Rose Taverns, financed the the multi-award-winning Eastwood & Sanders Brewery, now known as Elland Brewery. Dave's 1872 Porter was Champion Winter Beer of Britain in 2010. The Gold Award in 2010 was preceded by the Silver Award in 2009!

An exterior picture showing how this modern unit stands alongside the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, in the same way as the original Kirkstall Brewery, can be seen in the gallery on the brewer's own website. The ornate K monogram reflects the mediŠval heritage of Kirkstall.

Three Swords at 4.5% is
very pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching, three different hops giving this beer a delightful citrus nose.
Kirkstall Pale Al
e at 4.0% is a golden session beer whose fresh malt and hop aroma leads to a satisfyingly bitter finish.


Brewing vessels, left to right, hot liquor tank, mash tun with grist hopper above, hop back and kettle.
Obviously we don't drive on our brewery visits, and where possible we use public transport. This day also included a visit to Ridgeside Brewery at Meanwood.

These and many more pictures, all at much higher resolution, taken by Wakefield CAMRA's LocAle Co-ordinator Dave Owen, can be viewed on this PicasaWeb Album. Kirkstall beers qualify as beers in all parts of the Wakefield District.